Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they aren’t the only ones affected. Ron and Pat know this all too well. Together for over 50 years, they have gone through countless experiences as a team but nothing prepared them for the shock of a prostate cancer diagnosis.

When exploring treatment options, Ron’s doctor recommended proton therapy as the ideal solution. In fact, Ron’s doctor was so confident in the effectiveness of proton therapy that he said he would recommend it to his own father. Typical treatments for prostate cancer can run the risk of damaging particularly sensitive areas of the body, and finding a solution with markedly fewer opportunities for complications was a huge relief for this couple.

At ProCure, both Ron and Pat found a support network unlike no other. Everyone from the front desk administrators to the oncologist team was incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable. It became obvious that ProCure offered the best of both worlds: a state-of-the-art facility with a first-class treatment team.

For countless couples, cancer means a long, hard road of stress and sacrifice. Ron and Pat found the exact opposite. To their surprise, Ron experienced no side effects before, during, and after each treatment session. Without the discomfort and exhaustion typically associated with cancer treatments, both Ron and Pat were able to look forward to what tomorrow would bring.

One of ProCure’s ways to celebrate patients’ bravery is to have each of them ring a ceremonial bell after completing their last treatment session. Many cancer centers have similar traditions, and they are meant to engender a sense of community while inspiring hope. When it was Ron’s turn to celebrate, words couldn’t explain the relief both he and Pat felt. After beating cancer with zero scars to show for it, Ron sometimes forgets he once had cancer. Every day is filled with newfound energy and promise.