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Who is a Candidate for Proton Therapy?

Powerful Protons. Precision Treatment.

Proton therapy is an innovative radiation treatment that precisely targets tumors by delivering radiation at exact depths. Highly effective for many types of tumors, proton therapy drastically reduces radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and organs. This precision leads to lower side effects both during and after treatment, with most patients able to continue with their usual activities with little interruption.

Is Proton Therapy Right For Me?

Proton therapy is effective in treating many types of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. Even if your condition is not listed on our site, you may still be a good candidate for proton therapy.

If you are interested in proton therapy as a treatment option, we can schedule a consultation with a radiation oncologist to determine if you are likely to benefit from proton therapy. Please call us or Request More Information online.

Benefits of Proton Therapy

  • Precisely targets the tumor, maximizing dose to affected cells
  • No exit dose minimizes radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and organs
  • Lower risk of side effects compared to standard X-ray radiation
  • Ultra-precision enables the most complex and irregular-shaped tumors to be treated with greater accuracy
  • Patients can maintain quality of life during and after treatment
  • Effective option for recurrent tumors, even in patients who have already received traditional forms of radiation
  • Can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, or conventional radiation
  • Reduced odds of recurring and secondary cancers
  • FDA approved treatment

“I would definitely recommend ProCure to anybody seeking treatment. Family, friends, whoever. It is, in my opinion, the best option available.”

– Paul, Prostate Cancer Patient

Proton Therapy Research

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