Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Franne’s Cancer Journey: ProCure Blends Hope and Healing

An acrylic painting of bright-yellow daffodils hangs proudly in the front lobby of ProCure Proton Therapy Center’s facility in Somerset, NJ.

Daffodils are often seen as a symbol of hope for a cancer-free future. But these are more than just a symbol – they’re a show of gratitude from the artist who breathed life into its delicate petals.

“When people give that much of themselves to me, I feel like I want to give something back to them. And art is my way of doing that,” said Franne Demetrician, the local artist who completed treatment at ProCure for breast cancer.

For Franne, the journey through breast cancer was a testament to the remarkable care and compassion she found at ProCure. As Franne fought her battle, the team at ProCure became her steadfast allies, guiding her through each step of her 20 rounds of treatment with unwavering support.

“They were amazing,” Franne remarked, noting that every member of the ProCure team, from the receptionists to the medical staff, took the time to know her personally.

Franne’s breast cancer diagnosis had come unexpectedly during a routine mammogram. The cancer had taken root in her right breast, close to her heart. When an oncologist suggested ProCure because of its close proximity to her house, Franne researched ProCure and proton therapy.

She liked what she saw, especially as it related to protecting her heart.

Proton therapy offers a level of precision that distinguishes it from conventional radiation treatments. Its laser-like accuracy can target cancer cells while minimizing damage to surrounding organs like the heart.

By limiting damage to nearby organs and tissues, it also minimizes side effects and often leaves patients with enough energy to continue their normal routine during treatment.

Franne continued her normal schedule of creating and teaching art, which she said played a significant role in her healing process. “Spending time in my own art studio was great therapy,” she said.

Franne’s creative outlet allowed her to channel emotions and find comfort during the challenging moments of her cancer journey. But so did the compassion of the team at ProCure.

“I did not expect them to be as much a part of my healing as they became,” said Franne, who received 20 treatments over the course of a month in late 2022.

During Franne’s treatment, her aunt passed away from cancer. Even though going to treatment that day was difficult, the ProCure staff embraced her with warm hugs, providing reassurance and empathy.

Franne described their genuine concern for her well-being as a ray of light during a dark moment.

“Being seen and heard is vital,” she said. “When you’re sick, you’re scared, you’re vulnerable, and you really need the people who receive you to be mindful of that.”

At ProCure, Franne said she found a level of care that went beyond medical treatment. She said her healing was not just about radiation therapy but also the genuine compassion she received from the ProCure team.

To express her gratitude, Franne decided to create a special gift for ProCure – a bright, inspiring acrylic painting of daffodils, the very symbol of hope that adorns the gift coin that patients receive when they complete treatment.

The daffodil painting embodies the spirit of rebirth and new life, symbolizing the hope that ProCure instills in its patients. It was a labor of love, taking Franne two months to complete. She presented it with a deep sense of appreciation.

Franne’s journey at ProCure showcases the profound impact that compassionate care and cutting-edge treatments can have on a patient’s battle against cancer. Her story not only exemplifies the life-saving capabilities of proton therapy but also the importance of treating patients with the compassion and kindness they deserve during their challenging journeys.

At ProCure, hope and healing blend together, creating a canvas of inspiration for all who need it.