Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Paul was first diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014, after noticing his PSA was continuously elevated during routine doctor’s visits. Following an initial consultation at ProCure, Paul immediately knew proton therapy was the right choice for him. The moment he entered the Center, he had felt welcomed and cared for. From the friendly and accessible doctors to the helpful financial staff, Paul was encouraged and knew his treatment decision had become clear.

His ultimate reason for choosing proton therapy treatment was due to the highly accurate procedure itself. Having known several people who had experienced several damaging side effects as a result of standard radiation treatment, Paul was impressed by proton therapy’s precise targeting of the tumor. He was reassured to know that his surrounding healthy organs would not be negatively affected.

Paul is thankful for ProCure’s passionate, devoted staff and the top-line treatment they provided him. As a ProCure ambassador, Paul continues to share his story and experience with others, and always recommends proton therapy to friends, family, or anyone seeking exceptional treatment during their cancer journey.