Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

As an active 33-year-old with no family history of breast cancer, Julie was shocked to be diagnosed with the condition in 2013. Following the initial fear of the diagnosis, Julie was propelled into action mode, spurred by her determination to be around for the people who needed her most. As a school teacher and mother to infant twins, she focused her efforts on developing a treatment plan that would give her the best chance of recovery – and the best quality of life.

Following a double mastectomy and four rounds of chemotherapy, Julie was required to undergo radiation therapy. There was, however, a complication: her tumor was located on her left side, right over her heart. This meant standard radiation therapy could have an adverse effect on her heart, causing serious side effects in the long-term. After intense research and many discussions with her doctors, Julie decided to proceed with proton therapy at ProCure. Julie felt confident that this was the right choice – she didn’t want to have to undergo treatment now only to deal with further health complications in the future.

Having finished treatment in 2014, Julie actually looks back on her treatment at ProCure with fond memories. The team always made her feel welcome and at home, something she never expected to experience with cancer treatment. Today she is happy, healthy, and remains extremely positive about her past breast cancer journey. She remains an advocate for researching treatment options and choosing what is best for you, your family, and your future.