Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

James was always a healthy person. Until he wasn’t.

When his doctor diagnosed him with cancer, James was shocked. Despite a lifetime of smart decisions, he suddenly had to manage a disease that could spread if he didn’t take action. James knew he needed to find a treatment team that prioritized his health as much as he did.

The first time he walked through ProCure’s doors, James knew he found something special. It was certainly a state-of-the-art, spacious facility, but what truly stood out was the people. Every member of the ProCure staff took the time to listen to his concerns with compassion and respect. From that moment, he had no doubt that this was the right place for him.

One of the biggest surprises from James’s experience at ProCure was the speed. Unlike other forms of cancer therapy, treatment sessions took no more than 10 minutes. Painless, quick, and easy, ProCure’s approach to care allowed him to continue living his life to the fullest.

When James finished his final session, the staff invited him to ring the center’s celebratory bell to signify his treatment was complete. Many patients simply ring it once, but James wanted the whole world to know he was cancer-free. As the bell sounded, he could tell ProCure’s team was just as happy as he was to see him healthy again.