Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

When Gary was first diagnosed with prostate cancer, he wasn’t surprised. Having witnessed his father’s own battle in the 80s, the doctors had been monitoring Gary’s PSA and blood count levels for many years. In 2017, the doctors finally confirmed that he needed to undergo treatment.

Gary investigated his options with a urologist, who pushed him toward surgery. Gary wasn’t convinced, given his dislike for hospital stays and fear of side effects. After speaking with a family friend about the benefits of proton therapy, he decided to explore proton therapy at ProCure.

Upon his first visit, Gary knew ProCure was a special place, and was impressed by the warm, welcoming staff that treated him with compassion. Following his consult, his decision was certain — with proton therapy, he would receive a highly effective and direct treatment that was nowhere near as invasive as surgery.

Gary is so glad he opted for proton therapy at ProCure. He’s had no lingering side effects and feels fantastic on a daily basis. He’s confident it was the right choice and continues to recommend it to friends, family, and anyone considering their treatment options.