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Top Women’s and Men’s Cancer Treatment Developments
Managed Healthcare Executive, 09/13/2019


How far have we come in the battle against cancer?
Olean Times Herald, 6/10/2019


Reducing Secondary Side Effects for the Long-term Care of Cancer Patients
Healthcare Business Today, 5/25/2019


A Brave Boy – And A Town-Full Of Supporters
Inside Warren, 4/8/2019


Listen to Dr. Jae Lee, and his patient, Carolyn Graham, discuss proton therapy (Audio)
Health Professional Radio, 4/5/2019


14 Ways to Make Cancer Patients More Comfortable
Managed Healthcare Executive, 12/5/2018


After Surviving Cancer, Norwood Resident Gives Back
Norwood News, 11/29/2018


Dr. Soffen on Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1450 WCTC (Audio)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 10/29/2018


Long Island Cancer Survivor Celebrates Life, Shares Journey
Patch, 9/26/2018


Dr. Soffen discusses Prostate Cancer Awareness 1450 WCTC (Audio)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 9/24/2018


Hillsborough Dad Shares Story Of Survival From Prostate Cancer
Patch, 5/30/2018


Many faces of Peter Lanigan: Cancer survivor, coach, official, Hall of Famer
Daily Record, 4/13/2018


Local woman benefits from proton therapy for cancer treatment
Binghamton Homepage, 2/21/2018


ProCure teams with New York cancer to offer proton therapy
NJ Biz, 2/20/2018


Northwell and ProCure NJ establish clinical affiliation
Cision, 2/13/2018


ProCure recognizes five-year prostate cancer-free patients during awareness month, 9/26/2017


Proton therapy holds promise as best new treatment option for childhood cancers
My Central Jersey (USA Today Network), 7/31/2017


Woodbridge Teen Makes Incredible Comeback After Brain Cancer
Patch, 6/22/2017


Teenage Cancer Patient Travels to Disney World for the Trip of a Lifetime
TAPinto, 6/19/2017


Surviving, and Thriving, in the Face of Prostate Cancer
Conquer Magazine, 6/15/2017


Interview with Dr. Brian Chon – Pediatric Cancer – 1450 WCTC (Audio)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 6/8/2017


Teenage Cancer Patient Travels to Disney World for the Trip of a Lifetime
Business Wire, 5/30/2017


Pencil beam scanning: The proton therapy innovation bringing long-term healing to patients, 4/17/2017


Heartbeats: Teaming up to fight colorectal cancer
My Central Jersey (USA Today Network), 3/27/2017


ProCure Proton Therapy New Jersey Celebrates Five Years of Service to Cancer Community
TAPinto, 3/23/2017


Bellmoreite fights cancer with alternative treatment
Long Island Herald, 2/8/2017


Washington Twp. woman triumphs in third breast cancer bout
Daily Record, 12/27/2016


Nurse’s devoted care to babies continued during proton therapy
Proton Therapy Today, 12/21/2016


Four years cancer-free from proton therapy
Sparta Independent, 11/16/2016


Interview with Dr. Henry Tsai – Breast Cancer Awareness Month on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 10/24/2016


Finding ‘yes:’ My journey with breast cancer, 10/17/2016


Victory over prostate cancer for this North Brunswick man, 10/12/2016


ProCure’s inaugural class of prostate cancer patient graduates
My Central Jersey, 10/10/2016


Finding empowerment through breast cancer, 10/10/2016


Proton Therapy: Game Changer for Breast Cancer?
NewsMax, 9/30/2016


Surviving — and thriving — thanks to proton therapy, 9/26/2016


Teeing off on prostate cancer
New Jersey Herald, 9/22/2016


Interview with Dr. Henry Tsai – Prostate Cancer Awareness Month on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 9/16/2016


Former Marine tackles a new battlefield: Prostate cancer, 9/15/2016


Proton therapy: Less invasive, less available?, 9/6/2016


A meditation on living with Stage 4 breast cancer
Cure Magazine, 7/29/2016


Seven year old residents raise money for Pediatric unit
TAPinto, 7/21/2016


Dr. Henry Tsai from ProCure Celebrates 2000th Patient Milestone on 1450 WCHE (Audio)
1450 WCHE (Radio, 6/30/2016


Dr. Henry Tsai from ProCure Celebrates 2000th Patient Milestone on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 6/30/2016


When I was 31 years old, my doctor told me I had only 3 years left to live
Medium, 6/28/2016


Radiation center celebrates milestone, Brentwood prostate cancer patient finds healing
Patch, 6/24/2016


The gift of life
Bergen County Magazine, 6/20/2016


Prostate Cancer: Advice for men at-risk for or facing a diagnosis, 6/17/2016


5 Minutes with cancer survivor Mary Maddox
Patch, 6/1/2016


Proton therapy for breast cancer: A promising treatment path, 5/17/2016


Leading-edge prostate cancer treatment close to home, 4/15/2016


A cancer survivor shares 5 ways to get better healthcare
Forbes, 4/1/2016


Hunterdon man has led life defined by a legacy of service
Asbury Park Press, 3/29/2016


Gala to fight pediatric cancer is most successful to date, 3/23/2016


Former marine finds cancer treatment with help of military friends
Patch, 2/23/2016


Retired police chief praises proton therapy for prostate cancer
Patch, 1/31/2016


MSKCC Oncologist’s Mission: Curing Hodgkin Lymphoma with fewer long-term side effects
Lymphoma News Today, 1/22/2016


Dr. Brian Chon from ProCure Proton Therapy Center on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 10/15/2015


Healthcare facilities offer variety of breast cancer services
My Central Jersey, 10/5/2015


Freehold physicist advocates for proton-based prostate treatment
Patch, 10/4/2015


Fresh Outlook: Breast cancer awareness month (Video)
Fresh Outlook, 10/3/2015


After protons, NYC woman is ready to graduate, start her career
Proton Therapy Today, 9/10/2015


This isn’t a film screening: Bar Sitton (Hebrew)
Mako, 9/7/2015


Dr. Henry Tsai ProCure Proton Therapy Center on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 9/1/2015


Girl, interrupted: Living with a recurring brain tumor
Staten Island Advance, 7/14/2015


Experiences shape career path of nurse from Lebanon, 7/7/2015


North Bergen runner took cancer head-on thanks to unconventional treatment, 6/9/2015


Allstate, Hugs for Brady Foundation bring joy to cancer facility
TAPinto, 5/2/2015


Kids were huge motivator for teacher, young mother during cancer treatments
Proton Therapy Today, 4/17/2015


Proton Therapy: A better way to destroy tumors and spare normal tissue
Memorial Sloan Kettering, 2/17/2015


Protons only hope for NY woman fighting late-effect cancer from photon radiation
Proton Therapy Today, 2/11/2015


Treating Breast Cancer while Sparing the Heart
Elsevier, 11/25/2014


Educating Others About Oral Cancer is new Mission for Cancer Survivor
Proton Therapy Today, 10/26/2014


Targeted Treatment Gives Readington Woman Second Chance
My Central Jersey, 10/6/2014


Cancer Survivor Touts Use of Proton Therapy
Newspaper Media Group (Manalpan), 10/2/2014


Boonton Resident Advocates for Early Cancer Screenings
The Citizen of Morris County, 9/10/2014


Victor and Zelda Lawson’s Journey Back to Life (Video)
The Prostate Net, 5/6/2014


ProCure in Somerset has Joined Forces with Hugs for Brady Foundation
MD News, 2/18/2014


Denville College Student Perseveres Despite Cancer Treatments
The Citizen of Morris County, 1/8/2014


Proton Therapy Center in Franklin is Gaining Traction in Cancer Treatment, 12/8/2013


Hugs for Brady Foundation Starts New Chapter in Fight Against Pediatric Cancer
Patch, 12/1/2013


Advancements in Radiation Therapy
Imaging Technology News, 11/4/2013


Concordia Coach Tyler Jones Raises Prostate Cancer Awareness
Hartford Courant, 11/3/2013


Positive Steps
South Jersey Magazine, 10/1/2013


Iselin Woman Plans Wedding, Fights Cancer
Patch, 8/27/2013


Discovering the Power of Proton Therapy through an ESPN Interview (Audio clip/.mp3)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 8/12/2013


Managing Prostate Cancer Recurrence after Surgery (Audio clip/.mp3)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 8/12/2013


A Roadblock leads a Patient to the Right Therapeutic Choice (Audio clip/.mp3)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 8/12/2013


Diagnosis Prompted by a Wife’s Observation: Uncovering a Cyst (Audio clip/.mp3)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 8/12/2013


Finding a Better Alternative for X-ray Therapy: Spousal Support (Audio clip/.mp3)
1450 WCTC (Radio), 8/12/2013


Researchers Gather To Discuss Therapy Alternative For Breast Cancer
Medical News Today, 2/7/2013


Growth in Proton Therapy Increases Demand for Well-Trained Staff
Proton Therapy Today, 12/4/2012


3-point Plan Protects Medical Practice Technology in Disasters
American Medical News, 11/26/2012


P-Cure Opens New Assembly Center
PR Web, 11/26/2012


Sparta man beats cancer with proton therapy
Proton Therapy Today, 9/12/2012


Proton therapy: Radiation without the side effects?
Fox News , 6/14/2012


Cancer facility breaks ground in Franklin, 4/7/2010

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