Diagnosed with Meningioma (Brain Tumor)

Tom first learned of his brain tumor accidentally, following a doctor’s visit in 2014. After receiving an MRI for sinus issues, he was shocked to discover he had a golf ball-sized meningioma sitting right behind his nose and it was actively growing.

Tom originally thought surgery was the only viable option. He was terrified of taking this invasive route, and the worry became difficult to shake from his mind. His general practitioner then informed him that there was another way, and suggested he consider radiation.

Due to the tumor’s location, Tom was hesitant about standard radiation and chose to explore proton therapy. He learned how effective the treatment could be for his tumor, with little damage to surrounding organs. After speaking with the medical team at ProCure, Tom’s fears completely subsided.

Since receiving proton therapy, Tom continues his life in retirement with no problems. He goes about his day with the same physical and mental strength as before — he’s back to playing golf, chasing around the grandkids, and enjoying the beach.

Tom appreciates how caring and courteous the ProCure staff has been through his tumor treatment. They’re personally devoted to his care, making him feel at ease, keeping his sense of humor through it all — which for Tom, is one of the most important things you can do.