Diagnosed with a Brain Tumor

When Norma was diagnosed with a tumor on the pituitary, her first course of treatment was surgery. And while the majority of the benign tumor was removed, pieces of it had to be left on the highly delicate optic nerve. Doctors advised Norma that the remaining cells were aggressive and could become cancerous, and she was required to undergo radiation therapy as a preventative measure.

Fearful of the side effects that come with standard X-ray radiation, Norma welcomed the suggestion of proton therapy by her doctor. While Norma had never heard of the treatment before, she was eager to pursue the less invasive option.

Beyond the advantages of proton therapy, Norma was thoroughly impressed with the level of personal care she received at ProCure. Now, having completed treatment and with no detectable tumor cells, Norma is incredibly thankful for the entire ProCure experience, giving it 10/10 for both the treatment and the hospitality.