Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

In December 2017, Dwight was readying himself to embark on a life-changing journey.

After a series of tests and a biopsy, Dwight was diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, he was never going to let cancer slow him down. Since 1978, Dwight has been a professional landscape designer. If he has any spare time, he spends it fishing, golfing or spending time with his wife and two children. 

When he was diagnosed, Dwight knew that he needed to be his own advocate and conducted research on treatment options that would allow him to maintain his active lifestyle. He knew that he wanted to maintain his quality of life so in March 2018 Dwight decided on proton therapy, a highly effective prostate cancer treatment option with minimal side effects.

While undergoing treatment, Dwight refused to slow down—even setting up a portable design studio in his hotel room. After his 9:30 am treatment sessions, Dwight would tee-off on the golf course at 11 am and then return to his hotel to work on his designs. “My treatment didn’t hinder me from doing the things I love,” Dwight said.

Today, Dwight credits his supportive family and friends with helping him remain positive during treatment, as well as ProCure’s “concerned, compassionate, and responsive” staff. When asked if he has any advice for cancer patients, he replied, “You have to be your own best advocate and have a supportive family around you to act as your advocate, as well.”

2019 is already looking up for Dwight – he feels great and is spending more time with his family. Now in remission, Dwight is planning a trip to Louisiana to visit his daughter, son-in-law, and newborn grandson instead of planning his next treatment.