Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

When Liz learned she had Stage II B breast cancer, she was in shock. What were her options? How would this affect her family? How much work would she have to miss? 

Liz received surgery a month after her diagnosis but learned she still needed radiation. Coming from a science background, Liz wanted to thoroughly explore her treatment options and thought back to a compelling article she once read about proton therapy. After discussing with her oncologist — who told her she was a good candidate due to the cancer’s location near her heart — Liz scheduled an appointment at ProCure.

When speaking with the doctors, Liz felt fully comforted by the proton therapy process. They explained that with standard radiation, her heart and other surrounding healthy tissue would be at risk for radiation damage. Proton therapy, however, would directly target the tumor with little possibility of side effects.

Years following treatment, Liz continues to live a happy and healthy life. She’s energetic, more active than ever, and spends lots of time with her kids. Her experience with proton therapy has even encouraged those around her, including her uncle, who chose proton therapy treatment for his prostate cancer as a result of Liz’s success.