January 2018 Physician Spotlight

Dr. Michael Confer, MD

What is your favorite type of music/band/musician?
I like a wide variety of music – classic and modern rock, alternative, indie, classical instrumental and choral music, a cappella. If pressed to choose one band, I can safely say that The Beatles are the greatest band of all time.

What is your favorite food?
Variety is the spice of life – I like food (period). I am a bit of a fruit-aholic with blackberries being my fruit of choice as of this writing.

  • Favorite main dish: Shish kebabs

  • Theoretic favorite food tour: Fried mushrooms from Hideaway, a burger at The Garage, and Double Chocolate bread pudding at Iron Star

How do you stay caffeinated or energized to do your job?
Dosimetry, physics, and treatment planning serve as my caffeine alternatives. I love this job!

What are your outside hobbies or interests?
Above all, I love spending time with my lovely wife and four awesome kiddos. I love cooking and also doing dishes (I’m serious. It’s very relaxing). I also like to lift weights & snow ski.

Why did you decide on the field of radiation oncology?
I knew I would be an oncologist since my sophomore year of college. I had planned to be a pediatric oncologist – the type that gives chemotherapy. However, my favorite areas of study before medical school were chemistry, physics, and anatomy. When I discovered radiation oncology, a physics-based field of oncology that anatomically targets cancer, I fell head-over-heels in love. And I love it more and more every day.

How many years have worked at ProCure?
Since July 2012. So 5.5 years!

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