June 2018 Advocate Spotlight

Sophia Thompson, Coin number 943

Sophia Thompson

Sophia Thompson was only 7 years old when she was diagnosed with a Rhabdomyosarcoma tumor in the orbit of her eye. After careful research of her treatment options, her family and oncologist decided that proton therapy was the safest radiation option for her cancer and its location. The Thompson’s traveled from their home in Seattle, WA to the closest proton therapy center they could find, ProCure Oklahoma City. Over the course of the family’s 6-week stay, the staff at ProCure fell in love with Sophia and her family. We think they must have fallen in love, too, since lucky for us, they moved to Oklahoma City two years later!

Sophia and her parents have stayed very involved in the activities at ProCure. She has attended many luncheons to present Beads of Courage Graduation Beads to our pediatric patients and has also made and sold jewelry to raise money for our pediatric patient activities. Sophia, along with her mother, Ingrid, were co-chairs for ProCure’s team at the CureSearch for Childhood Cancer Walk and she even designed the team banner we carried! Recently, Sophia has become an inaugural member of ProCure’s Teen Cancer Survivor Council.

Sophia is one smart and talented young lady, and we are grateful that she continues to share their gifts with us. Now at age 13, Sophia is an ambassador of hope and kindness to everyone she meets!

If you would like to speak to a former ProCure Oklahoma City patient about their treatment experience, please call our Proton Advocates Manager Vickie Weigel at (405)773-6709.

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