April 2018 Advocate Spotlight

Richard Fransen, Proton Therapy Advocate

  Richard Fransen

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  Oklahoma City, OK

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  Prostate Cancer

How did you first find out about ProCure?
Actually, the way I found out was coming to the facility was right about the time it was opening. Nycke teases me about coming to the "back door"…how was supposed to know?! She provided the information I was seeking, “What is Procure?” and “What do you all do here?” I had been preparing for traditional IMRT but was still doing my due diligence on what options were available that I did not know about. I’m glad I kept researching.

Why did you decide to be an advocate for proton therapy and ProCure Proton Therapy Center?
This answer is easy. Once you experience the news of cancer, a ton of thoughts go through your head. Having been treated at Procure, I feel I can give back to others that have received the same news and give them a voice from someone that has “been through the treatments”. People seem to be most grateful to have several of us, as alumni, to visit with and learn more from. I believe this knowledge creates comfort for them.

What is your favorite memory from your time at ProCure?
Favorite memories are plentiful. My first memory is how I was treated. The center is really more of a resort experience. That does not mean having treatments for cancer is fun. It means the people are always friendly and smiling. It means things run on time. It means that the center takes into account what is going on with each patient and they try to make the experience positive, not negative. Other memories include the center’s events and the patient’s willingness to share their story with others in the community to educate them on what Procure Proton Therapy does.

What is a fun life event, accomplishment or milestone that you have experienced since graduating from ProCure?
I am still active in many activities, some of which I may or may not have been able to continue if I had elected other treatment options. Activities such as snow skiing or extended driving vacations might have been different. Who knows? But, I have not had any limitations to my lifestyle, which is testament enough for me.

Catch Richard play with his band, Gotcha Covered, at this weekend’s Open House and Cyclotron Tour!
Saturday, April 21st from 9 am-Noon    5901 W Memorial Rd., Oklahoma City 73142

If you would like to speak to a former ProCure Oklahoma City patient about their treatment experience, please call our Proton Advocates Manager Vickie Weigel at (405)773-6709.

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