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Effective, controlled, and precise, Proton Therapy is one of the most advanced forms of radiation cancer treatment. With pinpoint precision, proton therapy delivers radiation directly into the tumor and stops, reducing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and minimizing side effects.


Proton Therapy is effective in treating many types of cancers and tumors. Its laser-like precision makes it an ideal treatment for even the most complex of cases, including irregular shaped tumors, pediatric tumors, and tumors located close to critical organs.

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Our expert care team not only provides the best in cancer treatment, they also deliver the best for your overall wellbeing. Our physicians have trained at some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including Harvard Medical School, MD Anderson and the University of Pennsylvania with extensive proton therapy experience. From our leading radiation oncologists to our oncology nurses and support staff, our entire team is committed to offering a warm and welcoming community environment that enhances your healing.


Renowned for our excellence, ProCure offers the most advanced technology with the foremost experience in treating the most complex cancer cases. As the longest-established center in the tri-state area, we pride ourselves on our unmatched expertise and personalized patient care.

The Proton Therapy Advantage

Where standard X-ray radiation releases radiation from the moment it penetrates the skin all the way through to the other side of the tumor, proton therapy deposits radiation directly into the tumor without exiting through surrounding healthy issue.

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ProCure collaborates with the country’s leading hospitals and radiation oncology practices to bring proton therapy to patients. Our clinical affiliations include Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mount Sinai, Montefiore, NYU, and Northwell Health.

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