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Julie – Breast Cancer

As an active 33-year-old with no family history of Breast Cancer, Julie was shocked to be diagnosed with the condition in 2013. As a school teacher and mother to infant twins, she focused her efforts on developing a treatment plan that would give her the best chance of recovery – and the best quality of life. After intense research and many discussions with her doctors, Julie decided to proceed with proton therapy at ProCure.

Liz – Breast Cancer

When Liz learned she had Stage II B Breast Cancer, she was in shock. Coming from a science background, Liz wanted to explore her treatment options and thought back to an article she once read about proton therapy. After discussing with her oncologist — who told her she was a good candidate due to the cancer’s location near her heart — Liz scheduled an appointment at ProCure.

Lung Cancer

Neesha A. Rodrigues

Dr. Rodrigues graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., and received her medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Conn. She completed her residency in radiation oncology at the Harvard radiation oncology program. Dr. Rodrigues has received numerous honors and awards including the John Harvard Scholarship for academic achievement of …

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