Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

As a beloved high school teacher and a mother of two, Carolyn is very involved with her school, running many after-school activities and clubs for the children in her care. When she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, she didn’t think about herself – she thought only of the impact this would have on her children, her wider family, and her students.

Once Carolyn began researching treatment options, her radiation oncologist recommended she consider proton therapy at ProCure. Proton therapy, she learned, offers much safer outcomes compared to standard radiation in terms of side effects and damage to surrounding healthy organs. This was a crucial element for Carolyn to consider, given the cancer’s close location to her heart.

At ProCure, the staff made Carolyn feel like they were her genuine family, comforting her and relieving the stress of what she was going through. They were with her every step of the way, truly taking the journey alongside her.

Carolyn is very grateful and full of joy following her experience with proton therapy. She feels wonderful, her energy levels are high, and she’s resumed life normally with her kids and family, as well as with teaching.


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