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Northwell and ProCure NJ establish clinical affiliation to offer advanced proton beam cancer therapy

Affiliation allows Northwell Health radiation oncologists to provide patients with state-of-the-art cancer treatment.

NEW HYDE PARK, NY (February 13, 2018) – Northwell Health now offers an innovative, targeted cancer treatment option called proton beam therapy (“proton therapy”) through a clinical affiliation with ProCure Proton Therapy Center (“ProCure NJ”) located in Somerset, NJ. With the addition of proton therapy, Northwell Health provides the full spectrum of cutting-edge cancer treatments in the NY/NJ tri-state area.

Radiation oncologists from the Northwell Health Cancer Institute now have access to this important cancer fighting tool and will assist patients in determining the treatment option most appropriate for them. Anuj Goenka, MD, the director of proton services for Northwell, and Rajiv Sharma, MD, a specialist in pediatric radiation oncology, will coordinate the care of Northwell Health patients at ProCure NJ.

“It can be quite challenging to navigate the complex world of oncology, specifically radiation oncology, in which there are so many treatment options available,” said Dr. Goenka. “We are excited to now offer the full spectrum of radiotherapy options here at Northwell. Our cancer team has the clinical expertise and tools to help patients make the best decisions for their care.”

“Northwell’s affiliation with ProCure NJ to treat our patients with advanced proton therapy means that cancer care is coordinated by the same team of physicians that manage patients’ entire course of treatment,” said Louis Potters, MD, chair of radiation medicine at the Northwell Health Cancer Institute. “As a result, there is no need for patients and their families to search for and establish care outside of Northwell Health. With the addition of proton therapy, we now offer every major radiation therapy option currently available, allowing our physicians to personalize treatment for all our patients.”

ProCure NJ was the first to bring proton therapy to the tri-state region. Proton therapy is a precise form of external-beam radiation treatment that utilizes protons to target tumors instead of photons (X-rays). The important distinction between the two is that after the protons travel through the patient and reach the tumor, they stop, so there is no exit dose. Protons limit the amount of radiation exposure healthy tissue and organs surrounding the tumor receive, thereby, reducing the risk of side effects and improving a patient’s quality of life. Proton therapy is a treatment option for a wide range of cancers, including:

  • Childhood cancers
  • Brain tumors
  • Head and Neck cancers
  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Re-irradiation of previously treated cancers
  • Sarcomas
  • Pancreatic cancers
  • Lymphomas
  • Esophageal cancers
  • ProCure NJ is the only center to offer Pencil Beam Scanning (“PBS”) in the New York metro area. PBS is the most advanced form of proton therapy which utilizes an ultra-narrow proton beam that deposits radiation dose more precisely within a tumor. It allows physicians to precisely “paint” the tumor with radiation, minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissue and reducing the risk of side effects.

    “It has always been our mission to make proton therapy accessible to as many patients as possible,” said Dr. Brian Chon, medical director at ProCure NJ. “Our clinical affiliation with Northwell Health allows us to share access to this cutting-edge treatment and takes us another step closer to continuing and fulfilling our mission.”

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