ProCure's mission is to improve the lives of patients with cancer by increasing access to proton therapy.
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New Jersey

How far have we come in the battle against cancer?
Reducing Secondary Side Effects for the Long-term Care of Cancer Patients
A Brave Boy – And A Town-Full Of Supporters
Listen to Dr. Jae Lee, and his patient, Carolyn Graham, discuss proton therapy (Audio)
14 Ways to Make Cancer Patients More Comfortable
After Surviving Cancer, Norwood Resident Gives Back
Dr. Soffen on Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1450 WCTC (Audio)
Long Island Cancer Survivor Celebrates Life, Shares Journey
Dr. Soffen discusses Prostate Cancer Awareness 1450 WCTC (Audio)
Hillsborough Dad Shares Story Of Survival From Prostate Cancer
Many faces of Peter Lanigan: Cancer survivor, coach, official, Hall of Famer
Local woman benefits from proton therapy for cancer treatment
ProCure teams with New York cancer to offer proton therapy
Northwell and ProCure NJ establish clinical affiliation...
Dr. Henry Tsai from ProCure Celebrates 3000th Patient Milestone on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
ProCure Proton Therapy Center NJ Honors 3,000th Patient to Complete Treatment
ProCure recognizes five-year prostate cancer-free patients during awareness month
Proton therapy holds promise as best new treatment option for childhood cancers
Woodbridge Teen Makes Incredible Comeback After Brain Cancer
Teenage Cancer Patient Travels to Disney World for the Trip of a Lifetime
Surviving, and Thriving, in the Face of Prostate Cancer
Interview with Dr. Brian Chon - Pediatric Cancer - 1450 WCTC (Audio)
Teenage Cancer Patient Travels to Disney World for the Trip of a Lifetime
Pencil beam scanning: The proton therapy innovation bringing...
Heartbeats: Teaming up to fight colorectal cancer
ProCure Proton Therapy New Jersey Celebrates Five Years of Service to Cancer Community
Bellmoreite fights cancer with alternative treatment
Washington Twp. woman triumphs in third breast cancer bout
Nurse's devoted care to babies continued during proton therapy
Four years cancer-free from proton therapy
Interview with Dr. Henry Tsai - Breast Cancer Awareness Month on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
Finding 'yes:' My journey with breast cancer
Victory over prostate cancer for this North Brunswick man
ProCure's inaugural class of prostate cancer patient graduates
Finding empowerment through breast cancer
Proton Therapy: Game Changer for Breast Cancer?
ProCures inaugural class of prostate cancer patient graduates remail cancer free...
Surviving — and thriving — thanks to proton therapy
Teeing off on prostate cancer
Interview with Dr. Henry Tsai - Prostate Cancer Awareness Month on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
Former Marine tackles a new battlefield: Prostate cancer
Proton therapy: Less invasive, less available?
My life was saved thanks to a news story on Mako
Runner fights against cancer … and for quality of life
A meditation on living with Stage 4 breast cancer
Seven year old residents raise money for Pediatric unit
Dr. Henry Tsai from ProCure Celebrates 2000th Patient Milestone on 1450 WCHE (Audio)
Dr. Henry Tsai from ProCure Celebrates 2000th Patient Milestone on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
When I was 31 years old, my doctor told me I had only 3 years left to live
Radiation center celebrates milestone, Brentwood prostate cancer patient finds healing
The gift of life
Prostate Cancer: Advice for men at-risk for or facing a diagnosis
5 Minutes with cancer aurvivor Mary Maddox
Proton therapy for breast cancer: A promising treatment path
Leading-edge prostate cancer treatment close to home
A cancer survivor shares 5 ways to get better healthcare
Hunterdon man has led life defined by a legacy of service
Gala to fight pediatric cancer is most successful to date
Former marine finds cancer treatment with help of military friends
Retired police chief praises proton therapy for prostate cancer
MSKCC Oncologist's Mission: Curing Hodgkin Lymphoma with fewer long-term side effects
Dr. Brian Chon from ProCure Proton Therapy Center on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
Healthcare facilities offer variety of breast cancer services
Freehold physicist advocates for proton-based prostate treatment
Fresh Outlook: Breast cancer awareness month (Video)
After protons, NYC woman is ready to graduate, start her career
This isn't a film screening: Bar Sitton (Hebrew)
Dr. Henry Tsai ProCure Proton Therapy Center on 1450 WCTC (Audio)
One woman's answer to cancer: fight, research, laugh
Girl, interrupted: Living with a recurring brain tumor
Experiences shape career path of nurse from Lebanon
North Bergen runner took cancer head-on thanks to unconventional treatment
Allstate, Hugs for Brady Foundation bring joy to cancer facility
Kids were huge motivator for teacher, young mother during cancer treatments
Proton Therapy: A better way to destroy tumors and spare normal tissue
Protons only hope for NY woman fighting late-effect cancer from photon radiation
Treating Breast Cancer while Sparing the Heart
Educating Others About Oral Cancer is new Mission for Cancer Survivor
Targeted Treatment Gives Readington Woman Second Chance
Cancer Survivor Touts Use of Proton Therapy
Boonton Resident Advocates for Early Cancer Screenings
Checking in with warrior Kris Neves
Victor and Zelda Lawson's Journey Back to Life (Video)
Prostate Cancer Patient, Matt Iacobazzo, Talks About Why he Chose ProCure (Video)
ProCure in Somerset has Joined Forces with Hugs for Brady Foundation
Denville College Student Perseveres Despite Cancer Treatments
Proton Therapy Center in Franklin is Gaining Traction in Cancer Treatment
Hugs for Brady Foundation Starts New Chapter in Fight Against Pediatric Cancer
Advancements in Radiation Therapy
Concordia Coach Tyler Jones Raises Prostate Cancer Awareness
Positive Steps
ProCure’s Involvement in Treating the Hearts, Minds and Souls of Medical Travelers
Iselin Woman Plans Wedding, Fights Cancer
Discovering the Power of Proton Therapy through an ESPN Interview (Audio clip/.mp3)
Managing Prostate Cancer Recurrence after Surgery (Audio clip/.mp3)
Finding the Right Approach and a Healing Environment (Audio clip/.mp3)
A Roadblock leads a Patient to the Right Therapeutic Choice (Audio clip/.mp3)
Diagnosis Prompted by a Wife’s Observation: Uncovering a Cyst (Audio clip/.mp3)
Finding a Better Alternative for X-ray Therapy: Spousal Support (Audio clip/.mp3)
Celebrating Nurse Innovators in Patient Care
Katonah Man Undergoes Proton Therapy To Fight Rare Cancer
Researchers Gather To Discuss Therapy Alternative For Breast Cancer
Growth in Proton Therapy Increases Demand for Well-Trained Staff
3-point Plan Protects Medical Practice Technology in Disasters
P-Cure Opens New Assembly Center
Sparta man beats cancer with proton therapy
Proton therapy: Radiation without the side effects?
Cancer facility breaks ground in Franklin
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Proton Therapy News

Proton Therapy Targets Cancer Anywhere in the Body (Video)
Proton Clinical Research Center of the Shandong Cancer Hospital...
Cancer: Proton therapy has fewer side effects than X-ray radiation
Proton therapy for cancer lowers risk of side effects
(Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis)
Montefiore Study May Help Establish Patient Criteria for Proton Therapy
Point of View: Health insurers need to be accountable
Why randomized trials for proton therapy are difficult to complete
How proton therapy attacks cancer
Physicians from Leading U.S. Cancer Centers Address Cost & Coverage Issues...
NAPT Calls Attention to Promising Clinical Trial Results...
Proton therapy may be better option for elderly patients with esophageal cancer
Proton therapy for prostate cancer is advantageous to imrt according to new study
Proton therapy lowers treatment side effects in pediatric head and neck cancer patients
Proton Therapy in Hodgkin Lymphoma Yields Favorable Acute Toxicity Profile
ASTRO updates insurance coverage recommendations for proton therapy
Business People: Local firms' hirings and promotions (Dr. Harrell and Dr. Yeh)
Proton International and Univ. of Alabama to develop state's first proton treatment center
More men with early prostate cancer are choosing to avoid treatment
Effects of proton therapy on pulmonary function in Hodgkin Lymphoma patients
Proton-beam therapy for cancer gets renewed attention
New mom first patient to undergo proton therapy at Orlando Health
Postoperative intensity-modulated proton therapy for head and neck adenoid cystic carcinoma
Use of proton therapy for prostate cancer has doubled
Chesapeake Energy : Remembering an Oklahoma icon
State to look at insurance coverage for proton therapy
Proton radiotherapy may be feasible option for pediatric brain tumor
Proton Therapy experts convene in New Orleans and via live streaming
23 Truths about breast cancer that survivors want you to know
IBA sees barriers falling as proton beams tested in more cancers
BlueBEAR HPC Service Supports Proton Therapy Research
Varian Signs Contracts to Equip Two National Proton Therapy Centers in England
Gov. Fallin (Oklahoma) signs Rep. Marian Cooksey's proposal boosting Proton Therapy
New study finds that proton therapy has fewer side effects in esophageal cancer patients
Oklahoma House approves proton therapy cancer patient bill
Patients must battle more than cancer for their lives
MEVION S250 Gets Approval to Treat Cancer Patients in Canada
University of Oklahoma Proton Therapy System Enters Clinical Commissioning
US Proton Therapy Market Opportunity Analysis
Treating Breast Cancer while Sparing the Heart
Global Proton Therapy Market 2014-2018
Insurance Debate Snares Prostate Study
BlueCross BlueShield, Provision Remain Split on Proton Therapy
Cincinnati Children's To Add 200 Butler County Jobs
Cancer-Zapping Proton Therapy Only Suitable for Rare Patients
Cancer-fighting Device Company Mevion Medical Files for a $69 million IPO
IBA and Philips Join Forces to Advance Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer
$100M Proton Therapy Center Closer to Reality for Miami Township
How to Pay for Only the Health Care You Want
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Brain and Skull Base

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Head and Neck

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