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Pencil beam scanning proton therapy

ProCure continues to advance proton therapy cancer treatment by introducing pencil beam scanning (PBS) technology. This revolutionary new technology moves a proton beam of pencil-point sharpness back and forth across each layer of the tumor’s thickness and paints the tumor with radiation in 3 dimensions. This ultra precision makes PBS an ideal treatment for irregularly shaped tumors that are located next to critical tissues and organs such as the prostate. It is currently available at the ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Somerset, NJ.

Credits: Courtesy of IBA
Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy Overview
  • Boosts accuracy with its ultra-narrow proton radiation beam
  • Minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue and organs
  • Reduces risks of side effects
  • Expands types of tumors treated with proton therapy to include irregularly shaped tumors near critical tissue and organs

ProCure Proton Therapy Centers and our physicians are committed to continually advancing cancer treatment options. We work with you to find the best cancer treatment for you based on your cancer diagnosis. Contact us today to learn if you are a candidate for PBS and why proton therapy is the right choice for you.

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