No matter which ProCure location you travel to for treatment, you and your family will receive great care.

Center Services

When you enter one of the two ProCure Treatment Centers, the smiling faces of our friendly, understanding staff will welcome you. You will walk into a beautiful, bright, and airy lobby with plenty of room to stretch out and relax during your stay. The facility has high ceilings and, given appropriate weather, sunlight that naturally lights the lobby. Each facility has a refreshment bar, books to read, and a children’s room where they can play with games and puzzles. Every detail has been carefully designed to ensure you and your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible.

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  • International Patients

    All ProCure Centers—in Oklahoma City and New Jersey/Metro New York area—are now accepting patients from outside of the United States. The centers are located near major international airports, providing easy access for patients traveling from overseas. ProCure Centers have treated patients from

the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Canada, India, Taiwan, Brazil, and several other countries.

No matter which ProCure location you travel to for treatment, you and your family will receive great care. Each ProCure Center has a dedicated team of medical and patient services professionals. Our team will help you find the right accommodations, arrange translation services, and provide resources that cater to the daily needs of you and your family. We are with you every step of the way, and we strive to make your ProCure Center a home away from home.

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