March 2018 Employee Spotlight

Nycke White, Patient Services

What is your favorite type of music/band/musician?
I always try to listen to Christian or inspirational music when I walk or work out. But, I love all sorts – oldies, country, pop. For some reason, right now I am obsessed with Weird Al Yancovic’s Hamilton Polka. It’s so snappy, happy and fun. I could listen to it over and over!

What is your favorite food?
Not sure I really have a favorite. I do love to cook, and I’m always trying out new recipes. I probably make lasagna the most because that is what my family always asks for.

How do you stay caffeinated or energized to do your job?
The great patients we have and my awesome teammates make this the best job!! Always fun to come to work – we never know what might happen or who we might meet each day!

What are your outside hobbies or interests?
Love those Texas Rangers (whether they are winning or not!) Also like to read, travel and spend time with my grandkids, Jordan and Cohen.

How many years have worked at ProCure?
9 years

Why did you decide on the field of radiation oncology?
My husband was treated for prostate cancer in Jacksonville, FL while ProCure was being built. Every time I drove by after we got back, I thought I needed to work here. So, I basically stalked them until they hired me. The rest is history!

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